Lali is an attractive female wolf with liver colored fur and sparkly blue eyes, she like all the others wolves is member of Akela's pack and is the daughter of Raksha and Daruka as well as the sister of Bala and adoptive sister of Mowgli.


She like Bala is kind, likes to have fun and is playful towards Mowgli she is also known to have a sweet and calming voice seen in the "Sleeping Python."

Also in "Sleeping Python", she can be sensible and mature when Mowgli and Bala's sparring match got out of hand Lali tried to reason with her brother.

She can be mischievous like when her wanting to play can lead into trouble seen in "Darzi's Waterfall Rescue." Her protective side can be seen in the same episode when she and Mowgli were cornered by Shere Khan and also in "Blood Brothers."

Speaking of Blood Brothers, she is somewhat gullible or easy to fool; what she thought was a game was actually a trap by Tabaqui and Shere Khan. When in "A Jackal in Wolf's Clothing," she was so easily convinced that Tabaqui had changed but when Mowgli and Bala showed the Jackal's true colors she felt like a fool for trusting him, though Mowgli told her it was Tabaqui's fault and Akela reminded her that her kind spirit clearly only meant that she wanted to see the good side of everyone.

But she is also grateful towards acts of bravery and is brave and clever herself.

Also in Season 2, Lali is shown to be a bit rebellious against the pack rules shown in "Mowgli the Thief" and "Temple of the Wolf."


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